Georgia Tech Campus Services

Terms and Conditions

Meal Plan Purchases:

  • Meal Plans are purchased online at Detailed information on available meal plans is available at
  • Once purchased, Meal Plans cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. Cancellation exceptions are available only for voluntary meal plans with special circumstances (non-Freshman Experience) by request to There is no guarantee that your cancellation request will be approved. If your cancellation request is approved, students will be charged a prorated price for the full number of weeks for which the student had access to the meal plan, up to and including the week the refund request is submitted.
  • All meal plan charges are posted to Student Bursar Accounts.
  • The meal plan week runs Friday through Thursday.
  • Meal plan purchases are effective on the first meal plan service date as posted. Purchases made after the first meal plan service date are effective immediately.
  • All meal plans expire on the last day of Finals each semester. (Special terms apply to Dining Dollar Plans. Refer to Dining Dollar Section below.)
  • Students may purchase a meal plan throughout the semester through the posted purchase end date. Meal Plan prices are not prorated for late enrollment.
  • Detailed information on semester fee and key dates can be found at
  • BuzzCard Funds purchased with Meal Plans do not expire.

Dining Dollar Plans & Promotional Bonuses:

  • Dining Dollar Plans cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
  • Dining Dollar promotional bonuses are effective at the same time as the corresponding Dining Dollar plan.
  • Dining Dollar Plans may be purchased through the posted purchase end date.
  • Fall Dining Dollars roll-over to Spring semester but expire at the end of Spring semester.  Spring and Summer Dining Dollars do not roll-over.

The following rules apply to Freshman Experience (FE) Participants:

  • FE participants are pre-assigned a Freshman Flex Meal Plan.
  • FE participants may NOT cancel their meal plan while they remain a participant of the FE program.
  • GREEK PLEDGES:  FE participants pledging Greek are still required to maintain a Freshman Experience Meal Plan during the term of their FE Contract. A Greek 5 meal plan is available to FE students who have pledged Greek.  Students pledging Greek must complete a Greek Meal Plan Request Form (available on the BuzzCard and Office of Greek Affairs websites) by the published due date. The Office of Greek Affairs will confirm pledge status after which the Meal Plan Administrator will process the exchange. A meal plan exchange fee applies. All Greek 5 meal plan enrollments will be effective on the published date.  Until that date, the student’s Freshman Experience Flex Plan will continue to be in force. If a student de-pledges, they will be reassigned the Freshman Experience Flex Plan. See “Meal Plan Exchanges” for additional terms and conditions.
  • STUDENT ATHLETES:  FE participants who are Athlete Scholars will be automatically exempted from their Freshman Flex Meal Plan in order to be assigned the awarded scholarship meal plan.  Walk-on (non-scholar) Athletes and GTAA Student Assistants may also apply to exchange their Freshman Flex Meal Plan for a Yellow Jacket All Access Plan. The application form is available on the BuzzCard and Athletic web sites and must be signed by a Coach or GTAA Administrator.  See “Meal Plan Exchanges” for additional terms and conditions.

 Meal Plan Exchanges:

  • Meal Plan exchanges are available only under limited circumstances for:
    • Freshman Experience students who have pledged Greek and desire the Greek 5 Meal Plan;
    • Student Athletes or GTAA Student Assistants who require access to the Edge Restaurant (located in the Athletic Building).
  • A $30 exchange fee applies to all permitted plan exchanges.
  • Exchange Requests made after Thursday midnight will not be effective until Friday of the following week.
  • Meal Plans may only be exchanged through the third week of fall and spring semesters, and through the second week of summer semester. (An exception will be made for student athletes who sign on to a team or become GTAA student assistants after this date).
  • Meal plan EXCHANGES made after the first meal plan service date are calculated based on weekly proration tables and are not effective until Friday following the exchange date. (See more detailed information on proration rules below.)

Proration Rules for Meal Plan Exchanges:

Approved Meal Plan exchanges processed during the change period are exchanged at prorated amounts. Meal plans come with a pre-designated amount of BuzzCard Funds. For purposes of calculating the cost differential between the original and new meal plans, meal plan costs are divided between base meal plan cost, a meal plan administration fee, and BuzzCard Funds. The meal plan cost differential is then calculated on a prorated basis as follows:

    1. For base meal plan costs, the BuzzCard Center will process a prorated credit for the original meal plan cost and assess a prorated charge for the new meal plan selection.
    2. The credit, new charge, and change fee (if applicable) are sent to the student’s Bursar account.
    3. BuzzCard Funds and the meal plan administration fee are not prorated.

For exchanges made prior to the first meal plan service date, original plan charges are credited in whole, and the new plan's funds charged in whole . Both the credit and new charge are sent to the student’s Bursar account. Should such a proration create an insufficient funds balance in the student’s BuzzCard account, an amount equal to the insufficient funds amount will also be posted to the student’s Bursar account. Meal plan charges for purchases or exchanges made after the due date for tuition and fees are due and payable immediately.