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Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

Key Concepts and Definitions:

Student Meal Plans / GT Student: Sales tax-exempt dining plans available only to GT students registered for courses in the semester for which the meal plan is purchased. Information on available meal plans is posted at A GT Student is defined as an individual whose principal purpose at the Institute is to pursue academic studies and who is enrolled during the current semester in one or more GT courses. Certain individuals may have both student and employee status. Eligibility for a student meal plan is governed by the individual’s primary status. Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants, and Student Assistants have primary student status. Visiting scholars, however, are considered employees for meal plan purposes. Scholars are ineligible to purchase a student meal plan but may purchase Faculty/Staff Dining Funds. Special program participants are deemed to be “Institute Guests”. They are ineligible to purchase a student meal plan but may purchase an Institute Guest Meal Plan. Generally special program fees include meal plan costs.

Pass Plans: Block-style plans which include a pre-designated quantity of meals. Students may purchase multiple pass plans within the same semester. The plan purchases may be sequential or may overlap. Pass plans may be purchased throughout the semester until approximately 4 weeks prior to semester end. Purchase dates are posted at

Traditional Plans: Provide for a specific quantity of daily or weekly meal swipes that reset at the end of each day or meal plan week (ending Friday midnight). Traditional plan offerings include the Everyday Plan (seven days per week, four swipes per day) and the Weekday Plan (five days per week, four swipes per day).

Dining Dollar Plans: Dining Dollars come pre-packaged with most meal plan types; however, “Dining Dollar Plans” refer to meal plans consisting solely of Dining Dollars. Dining Dollar Plans are plans used primarily for retail food purchases on campus, although Dining Dollars may also be used in lieu of traditional meal plan swipes at non-retail dining locations such as Community (Residence Hall) Restaurants and the Food Court.

Sales Taxes: Meals purchased under student meal plans are exempt from sales tax. Meals purchased with other types of plans (Faculty/Staff Dining Funds and Guest Meal Plans) are not exempt.

Student Meal Plans - Guest Meals: Student meal plans are for the sole use of the student to whom the plan is assigned. Meal plans afford students the opportunity to purchase meals at GT Dining campus locations free of sales tax. This is a privilege not available to non-registered students. For this reason, a student may not use his or her meal plan to purchase a meal for a guest. However, limited complimentary guest meal swipes may be offered in connection with some plans. Full meal plan descriptions, including available guest meals, are posted at

Student Account: The student’s account of all semester charges managed by the Office of the Bursar.

Meal Plan Administrator: The BuzzCard Office administers all meal plans. Students should direct all meal plan purchase and exchange issues to the Meal Plan Administrator at BuzzCard Office staff monitor all incoming communications and make every effort to respond no later than the following business day. The Meal Plan Administrator coordinates with Housing, Athletics and/or Dining Operations when appropriate to resolve specific concerns prior to issuing an official, final response to the support ticket.

Dining Operations:GT’s third party dining partner operates all GT dining facilities. This third party is responsible for food preparation and delivery, menu design, and general operation of dining facilities. Dining Operations posts detailed information on meal plans, meal service, and dining locations at Students should direct any concerns or questions regarding dietary information, menu, locations, and hours of operations to the Dining Operations team (contact information available at Students should direct any concerns regarding allergies or other dietary restrictions to


Student Meal Plan Purchases, Returns & Effective Dates:

Where to Purchase: Student meal plans may be purchased online at

Multiple Plans and Mid-Semester Purchases: A student may purchase multiple Dining Dollar or block-style (“Pass Plans”) if additional meals or funds are needed. Students may purchase such meal plans throughout the semester through the posted purchase end date. Meal plan pricing and purchase dates are posted at

Payments and Returns: Meal Plans may not be returned. Meal plan charges are posted to Student (Bursar) Accounts and are payable according to standard semester due dates for tuition and fees, as posted on Any meal plan charges generated after the due date for tuition and fees are due and payable immediately. Unpaid charges will result in Registration and Transcript Holds.

Effective Dates: Meal plan purchases are effective on the first meal service date of each semester as posted at All meal plans expire on the last day of final exams each semester. Special terms apply to Dining Dollars. (Refer to Dining Dollar Section below.) Plans purchased after the first meal service date are effective within one hour of purchase.

Dining Dollars:

  • Dining Dollars come pre-packaged with most meal plans. Dining Dollar only plans may also be purchased.
  • Dining Dollar Plans or purchases may not be cancelled, refunded, or exchanged.
  • Dining Dollar promotional bonuses may apply and are effective over the same dates as the corresponding Dining Dollar Plan purchase.
  • Dining Dollar Plans may be purchased through the purchase end date posted at
  • Summer and Fall Dining Dollar purchases (including those pre-packaged with meal plans) roll forward to the next semester but expire at the end of the Academic Year (last day of final Spring Semester exams).

BuzzCard Funds: Certain Meal Plans may come prepackaged with BuzzCard funds, in which case the “BuzzCard Stored Value Account Disclosure of Semesters and Conditions” also applies. BuzzCard Funds purchased with Meal Plans do not expire and are refundable upon leaving the Institute. (Refer to the “BuzzCard Stored Value Account Disclosure of Semesters and Conditions”, available at, for additional information.


First Year Housing Residents:

General: All first year residents are required to maintain a meal plan and are pre-assigned an Everyday Meal Plan. The Everyday Plan may be exchanged for a Weekday Plan until three days prior to the first meal service date of each semester. (Refer to for posted service dates.) No change fee shall apply to these exchanges. Plans may not be exchanged after this date. .

Exceptions to First Year Resident Meal Plan Assignments:

  • Greek New Members: First year Housing residents joining a Greek Fraternity or Sorority are required to maintain a meal plan during the term of their Housing Contract. A Greek meal plan is available to students who have joined a Greek House and who have completed a Greek Meal Plan Request through the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life by the date published by that Office. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life will confirm New Member status after which the Meal Plan Administrator will process the exchange. (Refer to IV. Plan Exchanges & Refunds below.)
    • All Greek meal plan enrollments will be effective on a specific, published date. Until that date, the student’s original meal plan will remain in force.
    • If a student cancels his or her Greek membership, the student will be reassigned the original Meal Plan. (See “Meal Plan Exchanges” for additional terms and conditions.)
    • Meal Plan Change Fees apply ($30 for Academic Year 2018-19).
  • Student Athletes:
    • Athlete Scholar First Year Housing Residents will be assigned an Everyday Scholarship Meal Plan by the Athletic Association. Scholar Athletes should not self-enroll in a meal plan as this will result in a charge to their student account.
    • Non-scholar Athletes may be eligible for a reduced meal plan based on travel and training schedules. The Meal Plan Administrator works directly with the GT Athletics Association (GTAA) Compliance Office at the beginning of each semester to identify needs and challenges unique to each team and to establish reduced service plans where appropriate. Students should not submit individual exchange requests to the Meal Plan Administrator but should direct any concerns or inquiries to their assigned Coach or to the GTAA Compliance Office.


Plan Exchanges & Refunds:

Dining Dollar and Pass Plans may only be exchanged prior to the first meal service date (posted at Should students desire more than original purchased quantities, multiple Dining Dollar and Pass Plan purchases are permitted throughout the semester. Sales of these plans are available through the end date posted at

  • Housing Peer Leader Upgrades: Special rules apply to Housing Peer Leaders desiring to upgrade the Pass Plan awarded in connection with their GT Housing employment:
    • Peer Leaders must request an upgrade of their Pass Plan through the Peer Leader Coordinator’s Office prior to the first meal service date. (Meal service dates are posted at The Administrator will coordinate with the Housing Office to upgrade requested plans.
    • A Peer Leader upgrade request submitted after the first meal service date shall only be honored for Peer Leaders hired after the semester begins. For a late upgrade of the Peer Leader Pass Plan for a larger Pass Plan, the Peer Leader shall be refunded for the full cost of his or her original plan and charged for the full cost of the new plan. The full quantity of new plan meals shall be added to the student’s BuzzCard and shall not be reduced for meals already consumed under the original plan. In addition to this new plan charge and original plan refund, the student’s account shall be charged for the value of meals consumed under the original Pass Plan at the original per meal cost. For a late upgrade of a Peer Leader Pass Plan to a traditional plan, meals used semester to date shall be treated as having been consumed under the traditional plan. (The traditional plan constructs shall be applied retroactively.) (Refer to the “Meal Plan Exchange Rules” below for additional terms and conditions.)

Traditional meal plans may be exchanged under the following limited circumstances:

  • Exchange Requests initiated prior to three days before the first meal service date of the semester: See meal service dates posted at The Meal Plan Change Fee does not apply to pre-semester exchanges.
  • Greek New Members who are also first year Housing residents and who have elected the Greek meal plan may exchange their first year resident plan for the Greek plan. Exchange elections must be made in accordance with the procedures and established deadlines promulgated by the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office in partnership with the Meal Plan Administrator. The Fraternity & Sorority Life Office disseminates information to House Leadership. Students should contact House Leadership or the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office with questions concerning the exchange process or deadlines. A Meal Plan Change Fee applies ($30 for the Academic Year 2018-19).
  • Walk-on Student Athletes joining a team for which the GTAA Compliance Office has arranged reduced meal plans. The Meal Plan Change Fee does not apply.

Other Qualifying Circumstances: Other than as described above, meal plan returns or exchanges are permitted only under significant extenuating circumstances such as student withdrawals, off-campus internships, or the death of a student. For such unusual situations, submit a support ticket to the Administrator at The Meal Plan Change Fee will generally apply under these circumstances.

  • Withdrawals from the Institute: The student must first follow regular Institute procedures to record his or her official withdrawal from the Institute.
  • Off-campus Internships: It is the responsibility of the student to provide appropriate documentation of the Internship to the Meal Plan Administrator for any refund or exchange request.

Meal Plan Exchange Rules:

  • A Meal Plan Change Fee does not apply to exchanges requested prior to three days before the first meal service date. (See posted service dates at A $30 change generally applies to meal plan exchanges made after this date ($30 for Academic Year 2018-19).
  • Pass Plan exchanges are effective immediately when processed by the Meal Plan Administrator.
  • Traditional plan exchanges are not effective until the first day of the meal plan week (Saturday morning) following the exchange request.
  • Meal plan prices include an administrative fee ($96 for Academic Year 2018-19). This fee covers Institute overhead costs associated with administering meal plan programs. In the event of a meal plan exchange, the Administrative Fee is charged only once per semester. The Administrative Fee is excluded from exchange proration calculations and is not refundable.
  • Meal plans may come with a pre-designated amount of Dining Dollars and/or BuzzCard Funds. (Complete meal plan descriptions are available at Dining Dollars and BuzzCard Funds are not prorated in connection with a meal plan exchange. Should a student exchange for a plan that comes with fewer Dining Dollars or BuzzCard Funds but the student has already spent more than the new plan dollars, the excess used will be charged to the student’s account in addition to the new prorated meal plan cost.
  • The Administrative Fee, Dining Dollars, and BuzzCard funds are deducted before deriving per meal or per week values used in proration calculations.
  • For an exchange effective after the start of the semester (the first meal service date as posted at, Students are charged a prorated amount based on the original plan price through the effective date of the plan exchange, and a prorated amount based on the new plan for the remainder of the semester. (See “Meal Plan Exchange Rules” below.)
  • Applicable charges and refunds are posted to the student’s account and will be due or refunded according to the standard schedules posted on the Office of the Bursar’s website. For transactions made after the posted deadline for payment of semester charges, net charges are due immediately.


Policy Administration:

Administration of this policy is governed by the GT BuzzCard Center (“Meal Plan Administrator”). Direct any Questions to